EXTREME w00t map packs.

Extremew00t pack#1

Released : 5th December 2005

Authors : Sabby , HortonsWho, Mickey Blue.

Download : extremew00tvol1.zip 30.3 meg (31,838 kb)

Click here Screenshots + Details of each map.

This was the pack that started it all. With a view to making a killer set of maps for the server, this map was assembled in a few months and featured the brand new bot supported kicker actor made exclusively for this project by Switch'

The Maps all feature various unique (and familiar) themes, easy navigation, strong team colouring, and carefully planned weapon balance. The idea was to create maps that would still be fresh and fun to play after the 20th, 100th, even 1000th game!

Be sure to check out the player guides for the pack - they demonstrate some of the quick routes for some of the most played maps on the server, and how to cap in record time.


facing w00ts

Extremew00t pack#2

Released : 5th June 2007

Authors : Sabby , Derdak2Rot, Killroy

Download : extremew00tvol2.zip 18.6 MB (19,550 kb)

Click here Screenshots + Details of each map.

A lot of blood, sweat, tears and caffeine, and finally w00t ii hits the shelves (metaphorically speaking). In this latest offering Killroy and Derdak return to the w00t fold and raise the w00t benchmark even higher with a clutch of highly anticipated maps that are sure to set servers alight with their killer combination of lightning fast gameplay and ladles of style. Also the usual quirky offerings from Sabby, from AS-HiSpeed style affair taking place on two diesel powered freight trains , to new take on the ubiquitous facing worlds map. Domokun didn't make it, nor did many others due to time constraints, but who knows, there may be a w00t iii!


Iron w00t

w00t Competition pack

Released : 30th April 2006

Authors : HortonsWho, IronBlayde, Derdak2rot, KillRoy, Rakiayn, CyberSirius.

Download : w00tcontestfinalists.zip 16.4 MB (17,268 kb)

Click here Screenshots + Details of each map.

Move on 5 Months from the original release, and I invited the Unreal Playground members to get involved in the w00t with a little competition.

There were some inspirational entries, and it was tough work deciding on a winner, ending up taking a second round of voting after a tie between Hort's 2Boxes and IronBlayde's Ironw00t (pictured) on the first.

However there could be only one w00t, and IronBlayde took the prize of $50 and a one off EXTREMEw00t T-shirt.

Read the competition rules.



w00t with the wind - more info soon.